Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Two-Pulitzer Journalist Replies: It Was Not His Answer

Very early this morning (midnight his time) Andrew Schneider e-mailed to explain the mystery of the strange reply (see previous entry) . Someone else at the Post-Intelligencer, helped him to get out from under a mountain of e-mails and phone-mails, misread my message and sent the strangest e-mail reply ever to land in my inbox.

The response was supposed to be harsh criticism (undeserved I might add) for something the answerer thought I wrote. Had he/she only come out and clearly stated that (like writers are supposed to do) I could have understood the confusion and called to explain the errors of his/her ways.

So, it was not Seinfeldian (although it sure looked that way); it was not a computer problem; it was not a weird auto response, and it was not Schneider writing it.

Instead of taking something I wrote out of context the answerer took me to task for something in front of his/her eyes I did not write.

Schneider, who knew Bill Colby in Vietnam is a stand-up guy.

My faith in him and his Pulitzer, Sigma Delta Chi, IRE, etc. judges is restored.

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