Thursday, January 21, 2010

Air America Translated

How propinquitous, Air America folds the day that Mr Smith a/k/a Scott Brown visits DC. America is about Capitalism with a capital "C" and Air America just faced it.

Here's some copy from the Air America homepage, followed by what the spin really meant. Please don't complain. I am apolitical but I know a red herring when I smell one.

Air America Says:
The very difficult economic environment has had a significant impact on Air America's business. This past year has seen a "perfect storm" in the media industry generally. National and local advertising revenues have fallen drastically, causing many media companies nationwide to fold or seek bankruptcy protection. From large to small, recent bankruptcies like Citadel Broadcasting and closures like that of the industry's long-time trade publication Radio and Records have signaled that these are very difficult and rapidly changing times.

prPROpinion Translates: No one ever listened to us. Until now we had foolish investors blinded by political tunnel vision who were willing to keep us afloat.

Air America Says: Those companies that remain are facing audience fragmentation as a result of new media technologies, are often saddled with crushing debt, and have generally found it difficult to obtain operating or investment capital from traditional sources of funding. In this climate, our painstaking search for new investors has come close several times right up into this week, but ultimately fell short of success.

prPROpinion Translates: No ad revenue and no foolish investors left.

Air America Says: With radio industry ad revenues down for 10 consecutive quarters, and reportedly off 21% in 2009, signs of improvement have consisted of hoping things will be less bad. And though Internet/new media revenues are projected to grow, our expanding online efforts face the same monetization and profitability challenges in the short term confronting the Web operations of most media companies.

prPROpinion Translates: Wishing and hoping aren't bottom-line activities.

Air America Says: We are proud that Air America's mission lives on through the words and actions of so many former radio hosts who are active today in progressive causes and media nationwide. In the years ahead, as we look back, we should all be proud of our passionate determination to assure that our nation's progressive voice would be heard loud and clear. Through the hard work and dedication of current staff, and those who preceded you, a lasting legacy was forged which will now continue through other voices and venues.

Translation: Legacy? No one listened to our programs.

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