Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No Kidnapping Local ABC Affiliate Reports

WPVI (ABC TV in Philly) just announced that the mother and the daughter were seen boarding a flight to Tampa, Florida yesterday.

Early today after posting my blog (see previous post) at 6:48 AM.
I had sent an e-mail to a newspaper editor / friend. In it I stated that I felt "hinky" about the case and directed him to my posting.

His reply: "Extremely hinky -- I believe you will look prescient.."

If this pans out to be true and no kidnapping occurred and no "two black men" were involved I hope that the mother (unless she was the victim of duress or has a nonpareil reason) is subject to the full fury of the law. She should be forced to repay every local, state and federal dollar spent chasing this phony kidnapping.

Once released from custody she should be ordered to serve 500 hours of community service with an inner city self-help organization..

Shades of Susan Smith, as I had predicted.

More on this later, once we know more about it.

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