Friday, May 29, 2009

A rare habeas corpus win
for a PRforLAW, LLC client

After 10 years of consummate litigation attorney Timothy J. Mcinnis, Esq, has won a rare habeas corpus writ for his client, businessman Paul Kamienski, telling the Asbury Park Press for today’s editions that “An innocent man is going to be released.”

Kamienski, who had business interests in North Jersey and Florida, was unjustly convicted of murder by the Ocean County, New Jersey, Prosecutor for his alleged role in a New Jersey seashore double murder in 1983. He has been imprisoned for more than 20 years under a 30-to-life sentence.

In its opinion issued yesterday, a unanimous three-judge U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit panel found insufficiency of evidence for the felony murder conviction stating, "...based on our review of the evidence, the picture is simply not there and its existence can not be inferred absent the kind of guesswork that due process prohibits. Indeed, we can not accept the state’s view of the evidence without choking all vitality from the requirement of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. The government’s arguments to the contrary rely not on inferences but on speculation."

Here's the first news that moved on Paul Kamienski's case.

The unique litigation Web site created for the case by PRforLAW, LLC has been updated. This reference site,, includes the opinion, oral argument transcript and recordings, all filed documents, Kamienski's life story, and a description of the case. The site went live moments after the oral arguments this past April 16th.

Once you've been a wire service reporter with a deadline every few hours it's impossible to imagine what it’s like to work 10 years on anything, let alone a case in which a person’s freedom is involved. The prosecutor has 14 days to determine whether to seek reconsideration by the three-judge panel, the entire Court or both.

PRforLAW, LLC provided legal media relations support to the Manhattan-based Law Firm of Timothy J. McInnis, Esq. for the Kamienski case.

I've known Tim McInnis for more than 20 years, starting back when he was an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Frauds Division and I managed legal media relations and the Public Affairs Office for the U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey. He has been a key client of PRforLAW, LLC for many years.

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